Here are the dos and don’ts on how to plan a baby shower with North York event rental. Let’s start with the do’s.

Do: North York Event Rental

Find a Good Place for the North York Event Rental

It’s best to have the baby shower at a venue rather than at home because you would want to have a lot of space for party decorations, favours, and more. If you live in an apartment, you can use the party room.

Rent North York Balloon Decor Service

Mix Balloons-North York Event Rental

Always rent North York balloon decors for your baby shower. You can rent bluish-colored North York balloons if the baby is male or pinkish-reddish balloons if the baby is female. If you go on our websites or, you can see pictures of the North York balloons formed into arches and being near North York flower walls. The pictures will give you an idea of how to decorate the baby shower. There are also examples below.

Rent North York Marquee Letters

GRAD-North York Event Rental

You can rent North York marquee letters to make the baby shower special. To make it even more special, you can rent North York marquee letters that say the word “BABY”. You can even use the North York marquee word as a table! Put the North York marquee word with North York balloon garlands and you have yourself a lovely table for appetizers.

Rent a North York Candy Cart for a Baby Shower

North York Event Rental

A North York candy cart is great to have at a baby shower because it has several benefits. It has two wheels so you don’t have to bother carrying it; as the name suggests, it’s required to hold candy but it can also hold up different things, like snacks, or even a full cake; and it can be decorated by North York balloon decors and garlands.

You can paint the North York candy cart of your choice as well. You can paint it blue, if the baby is male, or pink if the baby is female, or do both colours if the mother is having twins.

Rent a North York Flower Wall

A flower wall will be also good for the baby shower, along with the other decorations. There are several things you can do with a North York flower wall. You can decorate it with North York balloons, put lettering words on it, use it as a backdrop for picture taking, and put the North York marquee letter table in front of it.

Add music with North York Event Rental

Add music to make the baby shower less boring and more fun.

Now that we cover what you can do to plan the baby shower, let’s move on with the don’ts.

Don’t: North York Event Rental

Have Alcohol at a North York Baby shower

Since it’s a baby shower, you would want to keep it clean and family-friendly. It’s best to not have alcoholic drinks, like beer and wine, at the baby shower. Instead, serve family-friendly options, like soda, fruit punch, smoothies, and water.

Have a Boring and Quiet Baby Shower

Never ever make the baby shower boring and quiet as it’s supposed to be fun and kind of noisy. Make sure to include lots of games and music.

Make the Food and Drinks Baby-Sized

Just because it’s a baby shower, doesn’t mean you should make the food and drinks baby-sized. You can go all out and make the food and drinks whatever size you and/or the mother want. Just not baby-sized.

In conclusion to the blog, we hope that you will follow the dos and don’ts of how to plan a baby shower properly to make the party special. You can rent the props and decorations listed in parts of the blog at party decor Canada.

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