Here are the dos and don’ts on how to plan a good wedding party with North York wedding rentals. First, we will start with the do’s.

Do: North York Wedding Rentals

Rent North York Flower walls

North York Wedding Rentals

Everyone knows at a wedding you have to have flowers. You can rent North York flower walls and put them either outside or inside where you’ll have a group feast. The North York flower walls mostly have roses, and the roses come in many different colours, like pink and white. It’s a great choice to rent our North York flower walls for your wedding.

Rent North York Marquee letters

North York Wedding Rentals

Renting North York marquee letters is a perfect choice to add to a wedding. We recommend adding the words “Mr. & Mrs.” in the North York marquee form and adding them inside your wedding event space.

Rent a North York candy cart

While setting up for the wedding party, it’s always good to add an appetizer stand. A North York candy cart will do the trick just fine. The North York candy cart is a great choice for an appetizer stand because as its name suggests, it can hold a large amount of candy. But besides candy, it can be other snacks and even the wedding cake. Also, you can put small North York marquee letters on it that spell out “Mr. & Mrs.”

Rent some North York balloon decor

North York Wedding Rentals

You can rent the North York balloons and use them to make an arch-like structure. You can also decorate the inside of your event space. There are a variety of colours for the North York balloons, but it’s best to rent whitish and pinkish ones.

Decorate the dining table with North York Wedding Rentals

There are a variety of things you can use to decorate your dining table. You can use flowers and put them in a vase. Add strings of lights if you are dining outside, especially in the evening. Also, you can rent North York balloon decors and add them above your dining table. You can even decorate the dining chairs by using flowers and putting them on the chairs.

Now that we covered the do’s and how to plan a wedding, let’s move on with the don’ts.

Don’t: North York Wedding Rentals

Have a boring wedding party with North York Wedding Rentals

As everyone knows, it’s not good when you have a boring party. To make the party less boring, invite more people, rent and/or have more decorations, like the ones that are listed above in the do’s section, and add music.

Forget your lines

It’s always very important to know what you are going to say. Just keep reading your scripted lines thought-out the day and you would be fine. If you happen to not read and/or rehearse your lines more often, you could possibly forget them and it could cause problems for the wedding.

Pressure yourself

It’s best to not be in a hurry to start the wedding to get it over with. If you are feeling nervous about your lines with many people watching you, or don’t know what to add to your wedding party, just take time to relax by taking deep breaths, practice reading your lines in front of a very small group of people, and take a drink of water.

Don’t Do anything until you have found your event space

It’s best not to start planning right away until you decide on where it is going to be. Either outside or at a venue.

In conclusion to the blog, we hope that you find it helpful on how to plan a wedding properly and what to do and what not to do. You can rent event decors at

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