To have a perfect garden party in North York event rentals, here are ten ideas on what to put in it.

Rent and add North York Flower Walls

North York Event Rentals

Everyone knows flowers are always appropriate for a garden party. Our website’s North York flower wall section, events 365 and party decor Canada, has several kinds of North York flower walls, like different coloured roses, lavenders, and even a green hedge-like one. This is recommended for those who either don’t have a garden or don’t have enough flowers.

Rent North York Balloon Decor Service

You can rent North York balloon decors and garlands on our sites. The North York balloons provide many colours and can even be made into different kinds of structures, such as an arch and a bridge. They also go well with North York flower walls as both the North York balloons and flower walls make a good backdrop together.

Rent a North York Photo Booth

To provide memories of having a good garden party, it’s best to rent a North York photo booth. Put North York flower walls inside your North York photo booth to make it look like you’re still at your garden party. You can also add North York balloon decors inside as well.

Rent a North York candy cart

North York Event Rentals

A North York candy cart is a good choice to add to your garden party. Decorate the cart with mostly flowers and plants to make it more garden-like. You can also add a few North York balloon garlands too.

Rent North York Safari Animal Statues

It would be cool and appropriate to have some animals at a garden party, so we recommend renting North York safari animal statues. We have a baby kangaroo statue, a Bengal tiger statue, a turtle statue, a baby elephant statue, and more.

Decorate the Table and Chairs-North York Event Rentals

It’s always good to decorate the table and chairs when setting up for a party. Since it’s a garden party, it’s best to decorate the table and chairs using excessive amounts of flowers. The flowers can be put into vases, and while you and your guests are eating, you all can get a glimpse of the beautiful flowers you put up. Using North York balloon decors to decorate the table and chairs is also a good option. Just hang the North York balloons above the table.

Make Nice Food and Drinks with North York Event Rentals

There are many ideas on what kinds of foods you should make and add to your garden party. You can make fruity pies, fruity sauces and add fruity drinks too. If you are having a wedding or birthday party, it’s best to decorate the cake while drawing garden-themed things with the icing on the cake, such as flowers, grass, and leaves.

Get Many Strings of Lights-North York Event Rentals

North York Event Rentals

If you want to have your garden party in the evening, get as many strings of lights as possible. It would make the garden party less dull and more beautiful.

Have the Party on a Beautiful Day with North York Event Rentals

Make sure, before you decide to have a garden party, check the weather first on whether it’s going to be sunny or rainy. You definitely don’t want to have a garden party on a rainy day. 

Rent a Tent in North York

If perhaps you want to have your garden party indoors, you can either buy or rent a tent. The tent can also provide enough shade so that you and your guests won’t get very hot.

In conclusion, we recommended using the ten ideas listed above, if you can, to make your garden party special. You can rent the props listed in parts of the blog at party decor Canada.

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