Here are 8 questions and answers about for birthday photo booth rental in North York.

Q-1: What Should I Add to the Rent Birthday Photo Booth North York?


Rent Birthday Photo Booth North York

We recommend adding North York balloon decors, and North York flower walls. For the North York balloon decors, you can style them into arches and unique shapes. For the North York flower walls, you can make your party into your own garden! And as for the photo booth rental North York, you can make words with them. An example of words that you can make using North York marquee letters is “happy birthday”. You can also make numbers too.

Q-2: Besides a Regular Table, What else Can I Use for an Appetizer Party Stand?

You can rent a North York candy cart and use it as an appetizer stand. The North York candy cart is designed to not only hold candies but other snacks as well. It can even hold a full cake! Surprisingly, you can even use the North York marquee letters as a table too!

Rent Birthday Photo Booth North York

Q-3: How Many People should I Invite, Especially if there’s a Pandemic going on?

Normally, you would invite about 20 to 30 people if you’re having a big birthday party. However, for now, just invite 5 to 10 people if you’re planning on having a birthday party during a pandemic.

Q-4: How do I Keep Track of my Planning?

Make sure you make a checklist to keep track of your planning. It’s important to make a checklist because you would not want to stress about the party planning, you can keep things in check properly, and you don’t have to worry about things going wrong.

Q-5: I’m having a Toddler Birthday Party. What Decorations Can I Rent, Add and that is more Appropriate for Toddlers?

If you go to our kids North York party rental section, you can see we have North York safari animals, especially baby ones, and disney backdrops. You can rent one or more North York safari animals. Note that the North York safari animals are just made out of plastic/rock.

They are not real. You can also rent one or more North York disney backdrops, which costs the same price as the North York safari animals. Both the disney backdrop and North York safari animals make very good backdrops for photos when put together, so it’s recommended to add these decorations to your little one’s birthday party in North York.

Q-6: It’s Rainy and/or Cloudy Outside, But I Still Want to have my Rent Birthday Photo Booth North York. What Should I do?

Rent Birthday Photo Booth North York

Answer 6: You can rent a tent. A tent is useful for being a large shelter for your party, especially if it rains. Besides rainy weather, a tent is also useful and can act as a large shelter shade space for keeping you cool from the sun if it’s too sunny.

Q-7: Where Should I Have My Rent Birthday Photo Booth North York?

Answer 7: If you are having a small to medium-sized party, you can have it at your own house. If you live in an apartment and have a party room, you can have it there. If you’re having a large-sized party, it would be best to have it either at a venue or outside.

Q-8: If There’s a Pandemic Lockdown Hppening and If I Still Want to Have my Birthday Party, What Should I do?

Answer 8: You should host the party virtually by using your main video calling app, like Zoom or Google Meet. That should be the safest way to celebrate during the pandemic or if there’s a lockdown happening.  

Now that you read and gone over the 8 questions and answers on how to plan a great birthday party in North York, we hope that your birthday party turned out of what you expected it to be.

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